Girls what is a true sign of confidence in a man?

What makes a guy confident? Not cocky but sure of himself? What is it that attracts you the most?


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  • Many things. The way he walks, the way he talks. An insecure man will try to parade his "confidence," belittle others, act controlling, etc. A confident man has no need for those things. He does what he wants but is confident enough in himself to find it unnecessary to treat others poorly in the process, or to make a big show of it all the time.


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  • Being able to admit he has feelings. Guys who act like they're emotionless and stone cold are obviously just too insecure and worried about looking like a girl.

  • His posture, like if he's not slouching and is standing straight. If he looks you in the eyes. If he shows he is not afraid and protects you. If he has the guts to say his feelings.


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