Has he gone off me or am I being silly?

I have been dating this guy for awhile and we use be friends then drifted apart and finally started talking again and became more then friends! he spent the night at mine (without any sex) and it was nice we had fun and the next day we went for a drive, back to his then mine and then a beautiful park and then food and then a nice walk, he allowed me to choose anywhere i wanted to go! when we got to mine so he could pick up his stuff! my mum said to him! that his friends are using him and that i told her to not tell him! in all honestly i told my mum not to tell him because i didn't agree with her but she made it sound like i had agreed with her! he left like normal and didn't seem bothered by what she had said! he told me would message me when he gets home! he only messaged me over 24 hours later! he use speak to me a lot always made time to speak to me! and now in the last 3 days i have had 3 messages! not 3 chats just 3 short messaged! which normally say sorry, i was out with mates! i'm starting to get worried that what my mum said hurt him and he thinks i agreed or he has gone off me! i don't know what to do!


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  • No need to overthink this, the guy likes you.. I don't think it matters what your mom says if he cares about you. If it did affect him you could explain him but most likely he's already forgotten that conversation.


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  • Ask him how he feels about what your mom said. Try to reassure him how you feel. He wouldn't dedicate this much time without having feelings for you.


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