Confused with what's okay and what isn't?

There's two boys. Boy 1 I had gone on two dates with months ago but it never really went anywhere because we just drifted. Boy 2 is currently my friends with benefits but I'm not sure what's going on there. He acts like we're dating and together but he acts like an ass any other time. But wants to take me out sometime? I'm really confused as to what we are and whenever I bring it up there's no contact for at least a day. We connect on basically every level and it's always a fun time when we're together but idk. Boy 1 just asked to see me Saturday night because we've recently began texting again and he works custodial at the summer camp I'm interning so we see each other. I agreed to see him Saturday but would it be wrong if the night ended in a hookup? I'm just very confused.


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  • Boy 1 seems to be a more sincere suitor. Boy 2 is a player and he doesn't want his connection to you getting in the way of him getting laid by other women. In other words, he's a lousy FWB, You're very attractive. You deserve better. Go get 'em!!

    • Thanks for the selection. What did you decide?

    • Boy 2 and I have been in constant contact / sexting while Boy 1 still has a broken phone.. No final decision as of yet, but you helped me view Boy 1 from a male perspective so thank you.

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  • It seems like boy 2 isn't sure whether he wants to make a commitment yet hence the silence when you bring it up. Boy 1 seems to be really into you for wanting to meet up after seeing you months ago for the last time. I don't think it would be wrong if you ended up hooking up with boy 1 since you have no responsibility towards boy 2.