Why would he joke about there being another girl? Any idea on where he was going with this?

This past weekend we spent a lot of time together and he even drove me to a nearby brewery for a really nice meal and drinks. He held my hand in the car the whole way there and back and just was super sweet to me.

We have been dating around 5 months now. We have known each other for years. I was super happy go lucky when I got home Sunday. He kept texting me joking around like he normally does. Monday I didn't hear from him during the day (we both work) but we ended up talking for 30 minutes on the phone. This is what made me uneasy...

I asked him how his day was and he said that he was super tired. I asked why and he's like oh I don't know. Maybe I had someone here keeping me up all night. I said what your hand? As in joking so we are kind of going on about that. Then he went on to say ya there is a girl he wants me to meet. Then he send a really random made up name and said he has been spending time with her. All of which he was joking about. I just didn't find it that funny. It made me worry because I do have insecurities about other girls bothering him since we are in such a new thing.

Why would he joke about this? I just played along with it and brushed it off. I didn't want him knowing it bothered me. It made me think of "what ifs".


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  • He was just being sarcastic and playing around, nor did he intend to upset you, worry you, or ignite your insecurities. You should give him the benefit of the doubt and take the joke with a grain of salt.


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