Should I just try dating freshman?

See, I'm a junior in high school, and, after three years of crap, I've basically given up. I'm angry, depressed, and have managed to suppress most of my emotions by now. After three years of dealing with them, I finally realized, I can't score with girls my age, nor can I trust them, see, they're all the same, they've all either rejected me, lead me on, or manipulated me (mostly lead me on). By now, I have absolutely no amount of respect, either for my self or other people, and what ever good there was in me is pretty much going or gone. So, I finally decided, I may as well just toss my remaining amounts of self respect out the window and start trying to date freshman, I mean, every girl my age would either reject me or has a boyfriend, but I know freshman are usually desperate, so I could pretty easily just get what I want from them and toss them away (girls do the same). I figured, if I since I couldn't get a girlfriend even though I'm heading to senior year, I'll just take a freshman to prom next year. I am just, so bitter at this point, most of the people at my school have had girlfriends, and at least half of them have lost their virginities, and I'm sick of being the loser everyone looks down on. So, what do you guys think, if I can't get other seniors, I may as well just go for freshman, like I said, they're usually desperate for upperclassmen anyway, do you think I can?


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  • For sex or what?

    • What else matters?

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    • I want to meet a girl I actually care about, but the one time I did, I screwed up, so, this was all I could think to want at this point, but, I guess you're right.

    • Hey! Dude that happens. It sucks so bad. I have feelings for a guy and I fucked it up and now I feel like shit. But, that's part of life :/ you move on. New people will come into your life

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  • If people treated you bad it doesn't mean you should do it too.. I think you should be nice to others anyway.. And why would others think of you as a loser?

    • Because I try to be nice to everyone, so people think that's weird, I mean, I joke a lot to, but I feel like a lot of people don't respect me, sometimes I wonder if I should just quit the nice thing, and the assertive thing, and just be full on aggressive and mean, at least I'll have respect

    • It's not weird if you're nice, I think it's great. If you are going to be mean people will dislike you. As far as I know for respect you need autohtority :)

    • authority*

  • I'm a senior and I'm still a virgin!
    I'm waiting for the right guy to come along !
    But I prefer older gentlemen cause guys this days only want sex sex sex sex.
    I want a proper date , proper first kiss , proper everything !
    Maybe look for a older women? (18-20)
    I know they must want that puppy love to cause I want it badly
    Don't date a freshmen girls.
    Once you turn 18 you could be charged by their parents since they are only 14/15.
    So think about it dude:)

    • I have a late year birthday, I'll be 17 when I start college

  • I say you're too young to date. Don't worry about it.


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  • college life will treat you well buddy. but when I was in high school I hung out with every one. freshman whatever hahaha