I really dont understand girl?

I went on three dates with a girl. Wed Thu and Fri. Three straight days. She wanted to be my gf. Than Sun morning comes she can't wait to see my that evening. Sun afternoon tells me she needs space that she was talking to my parents and friends I need to date slower? WTF? Who cares what they think. ? If you like some one why does it matter? haven't heard from her since Sun. Should I just assume its over? Or let her text me first?


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  • yeah i guess your parents and friends scared her off... i'd assume its over. she seems weird

  • If opinions of others do not matter then why are you here? Well I don't want to be rude I am just asking you a simple question.
    Well you guys went in for date for like three straight days, it really sound scary to me. And to be frank it might not be the opinion of others but she herself must have felt that way. Because if I like a guy, no matter whosoever tells me that you should slow down a little, or that that is not right for you or whatever crap, I won't buy it.
    So what I think is that she is confused or just feeling that things are rushing. All you need to do is talk to her about what she feels not what she think others feel.


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