Was this a date in the sense? if not then what exactly was it?

so I randomly ran into this girl I had meet a week earlier at local bar. I don't really know her but basically last night she was jogging around the town she lives in for summer and I happened to be passing through at same time she decided to end her jog and go to restaurant at local hotel where she had food and drinks with a gf. so I go to bar where she is sitting and sit beside her as there was no where else to sit anyways. I didn't realise it was the same girl I had meet at bar until I was sitting beside her and asked her if she remembered me.

but anyways after the initial awkwardness things went really well I though and we spent maybe 30-40 minutes there together talking about stuff and she had some wine to drink. and I though it went really positive considering things at bar weren't that good when we first meet oddly enough yet second encounter with her at this restaurant bar went really good and she seemed to enjoy spending time with me and body language and everything seemed really positive that she enjoyed me being there.

but I'm not sure if I'd consider it to be a date or if were just friends? or she was bored that night and had nothing else to do. I didn't know she was going to be there so it was just a random encounter but I was glad to have spent the time with her


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  • In a sense yes but ask her if she thinks it was. It definitely sounds like it.

    • but we never planned to meet , it was random for us to see each other there. I'd also like to see her again but not sure how to go about that but not sure she'd be easy to make plans with. I don't think she'd say it was a date in the sense but that might just be her way of doing things. I do feel it was something more than 2 people talking at a bar what we did there , it felt like there was something more going on

    • Well it isn't a date because you nor she invited you to go out. Thus it was a random encounter. Now you can make it a date by asking her.

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  • In a sense yet it was. But it wasn't as official date. If you were to ask her if that was a date shed most likely say no and that you just ran into each other. I consider it a date when someone asks me out and I get ready for it. Try asking her out.

  • i kinda think it was just a random thing.. i dont think she thought it was a date. maybe you could try asking her out though, you seem to enjoy her company. see where that takes you

    • it was very random and not planned but we still did things people on a date would do. you don't randomly just hang out with someone you don't even know for that long unless you like spending time with them or want to get to know them better

    • lol ok then why even ask if its a date if you're going to deny anything anyone says? some people do randomly hang out with someone they dont know for that long. its how you meet people and make friends.. its not always necessarily a date.

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