Crying over breakup? what should I do?

so i didn't let my ex bf know that I'm done with him and the relationship over, i just stopped contacting him because I'm tired of feeling like I'm not enough. i don't need closure, this is the easiest way for me.

My day was going well, i stopped answering his texts, stop checking his Twitter etc.. but i feel so empty. i feel like i have no one there and I'm constantly telling myself if he misses me or cares he'll text me again even though i have not texted him back and honestly i want him too. I want him to miss me. Im torn between telling myself that i need to move on or if I'm making the right decision.
I want him in my life but i don't. I want him to show he cares and stop crying.


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  • You are an extremely selfish person. I am highly disappointed.


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  • Well let him cry and get over it and may be he might change...


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