Whats the difference between talking & dating & an actual relationship?

does it have to start with talking? can you go straight to a relationship?


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  • My girlfriend and I met and talked, trading some sparks here and there.
    I got her number, and asked her out.
    I then, after a few dates, confirmed our relationship.

    So we moved from talking, to dating, to relationship. Things typically work in that manner. You can't expect to date someone without knowing a little about who they are. However, you could argue that you may be attracted to someone, ask them out, and then talk and later confirm a relationship. That second route is also a common one, but not one I'd personally take.


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  • Talking is when you get to know the person, if you find both people have common interests and enjoy one another, then you go on dates and may show affection in public and make it exclusive with a relationship.