My ex texted me today. He said, "I wish you could come over." Think he's just trying to get some action?

Alright, so my ex boyfriend and I still have on and off contact and we've been broken up for about 4 months. He texted me today and wanted me to come over. I told him I couldn't because I had my wisdom teeth taken out earlier today and didn't feel well. Plus, he lives like 2 hours away and I didn't really feel like being out all night and having to get up early in the morning for work. He got upset because he said this was the last night he would have the house to himself, presumably because his family was at the beach or whatever. I suggested we just hang out Thursday and he said he couldn't because his parents would be home. I was like "so?". To me it wouldn't matter; would be nice to just see him and catch up. He said that wouldn't work anyways, his parents didn't let him leave the house, I guess because of his so called accident. He then proceeded to call me rude after I declined coming to visit and said he was going to just go to sleep. God, this guy definitely seems to have something wrong with him. What do you guys think? It's so weird. I never know what to expect from him.


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  • Definitely wanted some. You obviously could go any other day just to catch up, no problem, but for some reason his parents wouldn't allow that? Lol right. The fact that he got mad gets me upset because I'm sure all him intentions is to use you for pleasure and just leave you alone until he wants some again. And it was rude of him to get mad at you especially when you have your teeth pulled out.

    • Yes ma'am! And when he said he was going to sleep I was like yeah whatever, I doubt it. He was then like excuse me? Then he's just like don't text me anymore. That's so rude. He says he doesn't want a hookup but it definitely seems more like it to me. I feel like if I am not good enough to chill with his family and be welcomed then it isn't even worth it. I don't want to just be another girl, a girl that would just jump at his every word. Not me haha.

    • Yeah good on you! I know his type. It's his way or you'll get a bitch fit, and you want a gay that will be sweet and understanding towards your decisions. I feel you on the whole catching up thing. It's nice to talk to someone, especially in a relationship and if you don't even have that, then what do you have? Just meaningless sex. Personally if I were him the right way to go about it is talking to you more often, asking about your day, not getting mad at you, understanding your decisions, and just hang out to talk first once in a while. Not just a random "I wish you could come over" uh no, why doesn't he make the effort to hang out first even to chill? Because he wants the V and that's it (: loser

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  • He wanted some, not surprising. You called his bluff.

  • Good ol' booty call.


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