Guys, do you like it when your significant other takes the lead all the time?

I ask because I like control and hate giving it up. I find it hard to submit and give up my control so I want to know if guys like that or not.


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  • As long as she puts your desires into consideration as well when making the decision. It's very, very sweet what they suggest us to do, is something we've wanted for so long.


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  • I wouldn't have a SO who was controlling. The moment I discovered she was (And I would probably notice right away) I would leave her, likely without notice.

    I have been under controlling women before, and I will not again.

  • No, it'd be a deal breaker for me. If my SO doesn't trust me enough to let me lead and take care of her sometimes, then what's the point? You might as well be single.

    • Same thing can be said the other way around. What makes you think you are entitled to lead and make the calls? There's a reason why democracy is 1 vote per person, that's because the decision making power of every individual are equal. Just because you're male doesn't mean you are entitled to any more say right than female.

    • Woah, calm yo tits. He said "sometimes." Nowhere in his response did he say anything about having more power, but that he wants his woman to be able to let her guard down and let him lead sometimes. What's wrong with that? You should want to take care of the people you love...

  • Women like that is very common, and most guys don't like it. There are tons of women that have control issues, and most of them are chronically single. This is one of the biggest relationship killers out there, but it commonly brushed under the rug as the guys get accused of not being able to handle a strong and independent woman. The thing is even most women that have these control issues can only be respect and be sexually aroused by men that stand up to them, so they require a man that constantly fights with them. Most guys looking for a relationship don't want the drama. Finding a woman that is drama free is likely the the most requested trait men look for in a relationship.

  • A number of guys like "switchers", if that means anything to you.


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