Advice needed, not sure of he likes me or not?

So, this guy and I went out on our first date, we had a good time. He asked me out again. On the first date we went back to his place and cuddled, he kissed me on the forehead several times while cuddling. We went on the second date, I thought everything was fine. We cuddled again same thing happened. He was smiling the whole night. Now he hasn't texted me in three days.. my friend is saying he's probably busy due to the fact his family is in town. I thought I could get a second guys opinion on how I should go about this. Just curious.


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  • I know I'm not a guy. hahaha But i agree with your friend. I think he's just busy or he's giving you space so he doesn't come on too strong.

    • And im trying not to come on too strong either, seems like a lose/lose situation :/

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    • I have tried texting him. He never texys back, my friend seems to think I should call him but wouldn't that be too straight forward? We both have full time jobs, im not trying to come on too strong..

    • Oh. Then yeah, just wait.

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