I'm a 29 yr old single mom when will I find a guy?

Just looking for a guy for me not a dad for my son.. I love having fun and hate being alone


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  • I don't know when but they are out there. I love kids and get a long great. There are definitely guys that dig moms too. Independent women are excellent so that's a big plus


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  • Have you tried meeting people online? It's a good way to know a little about people before you acutally talk to them. That way you won't have to wonder if the stranger whose approaching you even has sanything in common with you.

  • You could find them when you go shopping. If you're looking for a man with a job, shop outside of normal work hours (unless you're looking for a man who works afternoon or night-shift).
    3 out of 4 will already be in a relationship , but you should be able to work out who's who. Even what they buy in their shopping can tell you that.

    I recommend this www.amazon.com/Superdate-Tracey-Cox/dp/0756607558
    It will tell you what signs to look for, and what signs you should be giving.

  • There are so many single moms, that find guys that it really can't be used as an excuse. It isn't hard for a single mom to find a guy, they just need to accept they aren't as likely to snag the same quality of guy they once could have gotten. There are lots of less attractive men that would leap at the chance to date you. The really desirable men you once went out with, have so many options that competition is too stiff to expect them to settle for a woman that has that kind of responsibility. Try considering less attractive men, shorter men, poorer men, older men, younger men, balding men, etc. Keep an open mind to add to your potential dating pool.

    If you are wanting something long term that is more difficult. Eventually he will need to act as a dad when the child acts up. Otherwise the kid will know your man is powerless to punish or discipline him, and will walk all over your man. So there will need to be some overlap of the parental responsibilities. If there is no overlap in parental power then the guy will get fed up and leave. Besides most guys are not going to want to feel like he isn't part of the family. It can't just be your kid, and your man, and all either of them has is you. That would make your man feel like an outsider, and make your kid feel like there is a stranger in the house banging their mom. If looking for a long term relationship, you need a guy that is willing to be a dad to your son, at least part of the time.


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