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Ok, here are the details. This guy I like (who lives in a different state than me) is always talking about how he has to live with his Dad 2 months of the summer, and how much he hates his Dad. I had written a song about him before, and he was totally cool with it when i said "yes" to him after he asked me if the song was about him. Bring it up to now and I wrote a song about him that was saying I love talking to you and if you ever need someone to talk to or need help getting something off your chest, I'm here for you-you can talk to me. With the stupid mind of mine, I had told him that the song was about him, and he asked why i wrote it for him and why I'm still thinking about him. I'm tempted to write a song for him as to why I'm still thinking of him, but I'm afraid that will lead to worse things and i was wondering what the other options were aside from writing a song. (sorry, i just really like songwriting.) keep in mind that I'm 15, so nothing that a 20 year old would do or something. I can't buy the first ticket to him, so don't think of stuff like that. Any advice would help! Thanks! :)


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  • you rock! he can't be mad, nobody would be mad for someone writing a song about him. trust me :)


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  • When people are relationships they tend to be musical or like a poet... This is nothing new. He would raher appreciate rather than getting mad at you! ;)


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