Girls, what would you think if a guy did this in front of you?

So, I watched a scene like this on Tv and wondered:

So here's the scenario:

He's shy, doesn't talk or hang out with people a lot. He's already been friend zoned by a lot of girls, and a lot of people don't seem to realize he exists.

One night, a girl is being approached by a guy in a semi-isolated corner. It's your classic sexual encounter that could lead to a one night stand. However, things get a little rough, and guy "A" starts to pin her against the wall, against her will.

The shy guy appears, and he looks pissed. He walks right up to it. Guy "A" sees him coming, and brings up his hands. Before guy "A" can finish his offense, the shy guy reveals a ball point pen in his hand, and drives it strait into the incoming hand of guy "A".

Guy "A" howls in pain, and runs off.
The shy guy looks over to the girl, and asks "Are you okay".

What would you think?


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  • this sounds like a fantasy you've been playing over in your head. You don't get noticed that much so you're envisaging yourself as the quiet, unsuspecting hero rescuing the damsel in distress, who suddenly realises you were the perfect guy all along...

    • Ha! No, I prefer to fantasize about realistic things. He'd certainly be remembered though.

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  • My hero of the night

  • I've had the first part of this tale to happen to me and personally would have loved it if someone (anyone) would have stabbed him with a pen. Or with anything for that matter.


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