I've been seeing this man off and on the past 2 years. What does he mean when he says, "You can do better than me," after a night together?

What do you think I mean to this man and what's he want from me? We talk a lot, and have seen each other the past 2 years in between our relationships. I need help...


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  • He most likely lacks confidence in himself. The other possibility is that he thinks you will find it sweet to hear him say something like that. Low self esteem however is far more likely the cause.

    • So what's the point of telling me that? Do I need to boost his confidence or move on to "better?"

    • He may have said it to try and show you that he greatly values you. I don't think you can base your entire relationship based on that alone. Lots of people have confidence issues. It doesn't mean they make a bad partner. It depends on how they act as a whole.

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  • Either he really cares about you and just has low self esteem. Or, he just wants to continue seeing you in a not so serious fashion and doesn't know how to or want to break it to you in a honest way.

    • Yeah, every time I try and move on he will get in touch with me somehow. I really care for him and my feelings are deeper than his I think.

  • 1. You got fucked and dumbed and he want nothing serious.
    2. He has little time and little energy or anything that he thinks you deserve but he can't provide.
    3. Smooth break up.
    You will soon know what he mean her actions will tell you


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