HELP! Meeting my crush today! Don't know what to do?

There is this crush of mine. He is a shy nerdy guy. I once told him that I like him and he reacted neutral.
Now I asked him to help me choose a notebook for me. He agreed and we have already looked for various ones.
Now we decided to go to an electronic market and look for notebooks there. That means that I will be seeing him today...
I am scared!

Does he like me? How should I behave then?

Is this a date? I would say no but what do you think?


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  • Just be your self and I little bit flirty


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  • First, try something to bond over besides shopping for school attire.
    Second, play around with him. Joke around, laugh, and when he least expects it, kiss him on the cheek before you say goodbye.
    It will get a little awkward but it pays off/

    • Are you sure? We are both very shy...

      by the way do you think this is a date?

    • Picking a notebook isn't a date, but ask him to come to your place after it and talk to him about it. Since your on the topic of notebooks, write on a page and give it to him saying

      "First page of my notebook, I think your cute"

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