Haven't talked to her in over a week?

I've been talking to this girl for like 3 months went on a few dates until couple weeks back she said she was talking to someone else and that she liked him she was confused. She likes me too. She posted a picture of flowers she received not from me. So I stop contacting her because I don't want to get my hopes up. It's been 2 weeks and haven't spoken or text her at all she hasn't neither. Should I contact her?


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  • girls always want a classic man who's gonna fight for them!!! who cares if there's another guy.. take her out one more time - dont text!! just call and be forward (step your game up) - if the vibes are good and u have fun then great! but if she seems awkward or even mentions another guy forget her

    • Yeah she talked so great about him that it was kind of a turn off. Like she said she liked me and wanted to hang with me more but she wasn't sure what she wanted. I like to fight for what I want but not if she's not even sure if what she wants.

    • you're obviously thinking about her so i think if u see her one more time for yourself (to confirm / make a decision) it would be good for YOU.. ya know?

  • No, it sounds like she's made her decision.

    • Could that be? I mean we really hit it off

    • I've been on both sides of that scenario... it has been my experience that the one she's spending her time with and talking to is who she hit it off with the MOST! If things don't work out with him you may hear from her again. But SHOULD you contact her? Only if it will answer the questions you have about the situation. Hope it works out!

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