Does he sound mad? What do you get from this conversation?

Ok, I was in a bad mood yesterday and I was having anxiety cause I was worried about my friend, and I felt dizzy yesterday from stress lol. But apparently when I was on the road my guy friend was 2 cars in front of me, and he put his hand out, and I still didn't recognize, then he was pointing his hand to the right, basically telling me to pull into this ice cream place, haha, and the car behind him pulled in, and so I just ignored him and didn't do anything and drove away, and he was looking straight at me. I realized that was really messed up of me to do, so I texted him, but my friend said he hasn't used his phone, or his phone is all messed up so I made her message on Facebook for me. I don't have an FB anymore.

Here is the conversation:

"Hey, Sara wanted me to message you. She texted you but she didn't know if she had the right number or if you don't have a phone or not. She saw you at last minute and couldn't wave or beep, she wanted you to know that she felt really bad and she didn't want you to think she was being rude. She was in a bad mood and dazing off, She felt bad and wanted you to know."

"I waved at her to pull in to see my daughter and I"

"Aww... she would have loved that. She did say she saw your hand but didn't know if it was for the car behind you. She was a bear today, personal issues with a particular friend. You know her head is focused on that and doesn't pay attention to any thing else. Do you have the same number? Call or text her if you don't. She has these numbers (she put them in) She told me she would have loved to see your daughter, she didn't know you had her. :("

He saw the message but didn't reply. What do you get from this? That he is mad? I really like him and I hope I didn't upset him, it really was a bad day and I felt dizzy, and stressed out and I just couldn't stop for anything, I had to go home. I feel bad though. Give me your honest opinion on this whole thing, please. Thank you so much! :)


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  • 1. lol you don't have FB anymore? enough trouble there huh? :) - I'm not meaning to be either judgmental or intrusive :)
    2. Is this the same guy who's been cozying up to your dad, bro, msging your mom on FB, all the questions you've been asking about avoiding etc?

    • Yeah lol, Raj you caught me! Haha. Even though I have been avoiding him, I still don't want him mad at me though, lol. Thanks, Raj! :)

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    • Thank you, young lady for again selecting my opinion the MH :) I always have and will appreciate your kind, thoughtful and generous gestures :) :)

    • No problem!!! :)))

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  • Not really a bad thing, it was an honest mistake with an honest explanation. Without being able to properly communicate, hand signals don't always work.

    He may have been upset at first thinking you just ditched him and were looking for an excuse not to pull over but you went more than out of your way to try and resolve it.

    I am going to guess he doesn't check his FB too often and maybe messages from your friend aren't triggering him to read right away as opposed to if he had a message from you on say a phone or something.

    I think by the time he gets it and figures out what went wrong he will respond. It would be pretty harsh if he didn't.

    BTW, hope you are having a better day today :)

    • Thank you so much! But he did read the last message that was sent to him cause it said "Seen at 11:29pm" Which means he saw the message but just chose to not reply to it. Obviously he doesn't care to reply to it and/or is still mad, but you're right. I did make an honest mistake, and I am not making up excuses for myself but it was a horrible day yesterday, my friend stresses me out literally causing anxiety and dizziness in me and then I was stressed out when I saw my guy friend cause i'm thinking "Great here is another friend that I have to be worried about and he is going to be mad at me" I guess he doesn't want me having his number or something? Cause it said that he sent those message through his mobile. So obviously he does have his phone. Either he has a new number or the old one and chose not to respond to my text, or he has a new number and doesn't want me to have it. I am so done with the stress from these people in my life. lol. Thank you so much! I hope you have a good day!

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    • Aww thank you! Yeah I am just so done with him, cause I tried to tell him I just had a bad day, and he is just being an asshole about it. I am just disgusted that I even gave him the satisfaction and care that I was upset for blatantly ignoring him. When I should have just went on with my night and not even had made the effort to explain why I ignored him. Cause he just doesn't care, and he is just acting like a cold prick about it, so I am done. I feel stupid now, but thank you for commenting and sharing your input! I appreciate it!

    • Anytime :) Glad you got over him.

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