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Does he sound mad? What do you get from this conversation?

Ok, I was in a bad mood yesterday and I was having anxiety cause I was worried about my friend, and I felt dizzy yesterday from stress lol. But apparently when I was on the road my guy friend was 2 cars in front of me, and he put his hand out, and I still didn't recognize, then he was pointing his hand to the right, basically telling me to pull into this ice cream place, haha, and the car behind him pulled in, and so I just ignored him and didn't do anything and drove away, and he was looking straight at me. I realized that was really messed up of me to do, so I texted him, but my friend said he hasn't used his phone, or his phone is all messed up so I made her message on Facebook for me. I don't have an FB anymore.

Here is the conversation:

"Hey, Sara wanted me to message you. She texted you but she didn't know if she had the right number or if you don't have a phone or not. She saw you at last minute and couldn't wave or beep, she wanted you to know that she felt really bad and she didn't want you to think she was being rude. She was in a bad mood and dazing off, She felt bad and wanted you to know."

"I waved at her to pull in to see my daughter and I"

"Aww... she would have loved that. She did say she saw your hand but didn't know if it was for the car behind you. She was a bear today, personal issues with a particular friend. You know her head is focused on that and doesn't pay attention to any thing else. Do you have the same number? Call or text her if you don't. She has these numbers (she put them in) She told me she would have loved to see your daughter, she didn't know you had her. :("

He saw the message but didn't reply. What do you get from this? That he is mad? I really like him and I hope I didn't upset him, it really was a bad day and I felt dizzy, and stressed out and I just couldn't stop for anything, I had to go home. I feel bad though. Give me your honest opinion on this whole thing, please. Thank you so much! :)
Does he sound mad? What do you get from this conversation?
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