How to get a kiss? First time?

Im from Hong Kong and Im already 18, I have been out with guys but never in a relationship.
Now I'm studying overseas, I find Im being approached more frequently, but at times maybe coz Im not use to, it freaks me out a bit.
Im ok with interracial dating, but the thing is what should I do?
Coz western and eastern values are so different.
How to let him know its ok approach me, or kiss me

._. yep. No comments, no one is gonna help me, assuming that I'm Asian and not attractive


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  • If its right I find it just well happens really when you know you know, but I'd there's any doubt I would give it a little more thought first. Love is something you feel not think


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  • U can't just go and say anyone that u want a kiss first be in relationship with the one u love then go for it


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  • You just flirt with boys and when the time is right you just got to make that type of flirtatious eye look when you are very close to him. Look at his lips and then just lean in. And just don't be affraid and talk to boys , be a go getter