When is the time to let go, and when is the right time to ask heartfelt question?

I met this guy few months ago. We dated but I wasn't ready for anything. I just came from a divorced and a bit scared to start new. When he asked what I want my reply right away was "to have fun" since I was in the marriage for almost 10 yrs. I got married so young... anyway... I started to develop feelings & we became friends. I'm wanting to see him all the time and when he's available we meet up. I'm more initiative in seeing each other. We got involve sexually but remain casual. We're both matured in our decision. And one night when I'm going home and after we did it... He ask me... If it's really just sex I want from him. I said yes although I lied coz I don't want to screw it... But after that he doesn't want to see me anymore... I wanted to ask him why he ask the questions but I haven't got a chance. When I sent message he reply but when I'm about to ask of seeing him it seems he doesn't want anymore. Should I just let it go and move on or just ask him?


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  • Sex is a killer, I just got out of a relationship with someone who used me as a sex toy , being that I wanted a real relationship I of course thought wow sex! this is so intimate, but really it was just carnal and when I did express I wanted more, she started to create distances. It was tough, to end it because i tie sex to intimacy and all those feelings that arise, but I had to before I got deeper involved, and hurt more down the road.

    • Honestly, I was the one who wanted to be casual and he agreed that's I got confused when he asked me that question when we both know what we have...

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