Been dating this guy who hasn't responded to me?

So I've been dating this guy (who just recently ended a relationship). He texted me last Friday around 11pm.
This is our convo: Him - are you going to the concert this weekend? please tell me you are?
Me - hmm I don't know, you tell me.
Him - lol really? Well I thought I'd check it out, you live right there so I assumed you would be there.
Me - nope, didn't buy a ticket this time.
Him - I guess I'll stop looking for you then
Me - I didn't know you started
Him - fair
Me - how was it anyway?
Him - well I've left now, but may go back tomorrow

Then I texted him in the morning saying, text me if you are around again.

I got no response from him.


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  • He seemed to be inviting you out and you seemed to be not biting the bait!


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