How to show or hint to a guy that you like him?

So there's this guy i like and i want to show him that i like him before he leaves work since i heard his leaving soon and im still not sure that he's leaving i just overheard it. What are some ways i can show or let him know indirectly that i like him. Im really shy and haven't flirted before too :/


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  • Just give him good looks and just talk like u like him be more up front cause lets face it guys aren't the brightest an girls are hard as fuck to read and understand

    • Lmaoo
      I dont know if he's still working in the store i work at because i haven't seen him yet but if i do see him i'll try my hardest to give him good looks and talk to him like i like him, thanks for the advice :)

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  • Attention. Give the guy a lot of attention and he'll notice. You don't have to flirt or anything, just respond to what he says or does, and engage when he engages you.

    • Oh cool so it won't be that hard haha, whenever he sees me at work, he tries to always find any possible time to start a conversation with me and whenever he walks past me even if i try avoiding to look at him he's always smiling to me, does that mean he likes me? I'll try giving him more attention when i see him again, lets hope he hasn't left since i haven't seen him this week
      Thank you by the way !!

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