Should I ask an Ex Out? If so how do I do it?

Years ago from 2007-2010 I dated this girl off and on. We have never officially dated (been exclusive), but all our friends all considered us official. After about a year 2008 she asked if I wanted to get rent a place together... I said no and she eventually said okay, kept hanging out a bit less and eventually she said maybe it would be better if we moved on and saw other people. We didn't talk for a few months 3-4 and then started hanging out again, don’t really remember who reached out to who but I guess we started dating again. About 8 months later late 2009 early 2010 I asked her if she still wanted to get a place together and this time she said No. Because she didn’t want to move too fast and she also told me liked me but she also liked someone else. I then told her I couldn't be with her knowing she was also talking to another guy. She said that she really liked me just couldn’t make up her mind because she didn’t want to get hurt. I told her that I wasn’t talking to anyone else and If that she could let me know what she chose. Again we went about 2-3 months without talking. Later 2010, One night at a party we talked to each other the whole night ended up going on a date and she came over a couple times to watch movies. But nothing really ever came of it. Since then we haven’t really hung out or talked much maybe a handful of times. And some occasional conversations here or there on Facebook. We text each other on birthdays, or wishing each other happy holidays. And then some trash talking about our favorite sports teams. Last fall, she and her BF she was dating for about 1.5-2 years. When she found out my gf and I broke up 5 weeks ago she contacted me asking how I was and how everything was going. For the past month we've been texting or snapchatting each other every day. Anyways Girls, or Guys in a similar situation do you think she might be interested or is she just being nice? I would like to give it another shot.


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  • She sounds like a player. She dated you for 3 years and when she found out you won't move in with her and pool your financial resources with her - she calls it quits. Then when you want to date her a second time she tries to choose another guy over you because the other guy is more likely to give her money. She is playing games with both you and the other guy she is dating. Cut her off.


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  • If you would like to give it another shot, then tell her that you would like to try again.


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