How should a girl approach a guy?

For instance if I saw a cute guy in the park and I wanted to get to know him better and maybe get his number how would I go about it? What do guys like?


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  • If he's around your age (not in college or able to go to bars), hence the park being an okay thang to meet n greet:
    - Come up with something interesting -- like a question
    - Read his feedback for interest
    - Take the mental approach that you're not trying to get his # -- you're just being social & feeling him out; he may be cool enough to get a #, maybe not, or maybe a bit of a turnoff but your friend Stacy might like him -- who knows! This will alleviate pressure off you.
    - Again, you just take the "just socializing" approach
    - If he's conversational back, ensure it continues, ask him if he's originally from there, and stuff about him while mentioning stuff about you.
    - If he's not conversational back, walk away
    - Don't set a long timeline of talking. Keep it to 10 minutes MAX unless you see obvious attraction by him (then you don't have to think about anything)
    - You're a busy gal, you're not clingy or anything -- so on your way after a small convo, if he doesn't, ask him for his # and that maybe you and he could hang out sometime.

    It's not too difficult. The semi-difficult part is sparking conversation -- whether you want to jump his bones or not.

    • Thanks for the helpful and detailed answer :) the conversation bit I think I can do I'm just worried about initiating it and I'm really scared about getting rejected , I guess I just gotta be confident and friendly :)

    • That's why the mindset of just making conversation & socializing is the best thing. You don't get REJECTED from that.

      Say you have a BF. And say you're in a coffee shop and a guy sits at the adjacent table and he's only like 4 feet from you. Say you're sick of the homework you're doing and you start a convo with the guy, but he's standoffish. Did you get Rejected By A Guy? NO. You're just starting convo. Even if you WERE single & he was cute and you were more motivated to spark a convo with him because of that. You weren't rejected!

      That's why it's important to have the mindset of: I'm not picking him up! He caught my attention, whether it be an odd outfit, he Seems cute, he's walking a wacky dog I have to comment on, etc. -- and it's good to have an active social side. If we start talking and I find him cute and we banter well -- great, I'll then ask for his #!

    • Aw thank you ! You explained that really well , that definetly takes the pressure off :) I'll be doing this from now on

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  • if you got it going on, like you're physically attractive, then you already have half the power to walk up to a guy and just start talking. make some small talk and see where it leads. give him opportunities to carry on the convo.

    • Okay well I'm not exactly a stunning beauty but I'll work with what I got xD thanks!

  • If the guy is not a teenager:
    -The relationship is illegal, don't try anything

    If the guy is a teenager:
    -and you are average or below in appearance, don't bother. He won't be interested, especially if he's cute/hot.
    -and you are mildly attractive, talk to him for a while, ask for his number, and work your way into a relationship over time
    -and you are very attractive, talk to him, ask for his number, and ask to be his gf over text message later that day.

    • Would I qualify as mildly attractive? I don't know but I guess I'll try and if I get rejected I'll know! Thanks for answering

    • Yeah, you're mildly attractive. At least, your face is (although a lot of guys might not be into the short, dyed hair). Your body is important to, tho.

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