I assumed we were done.. then she starts sexting me?

Been seeing this woman a little younger than myself. At first she was just crazy about me. We had sex very early on and it was really good. At first she would find the time to spend time with me almost every day.

Then she started reducing the amount of time we saw each other. I understood she has a life and has to see her friends. Then she started texting less. This went on to the point I would not hear from her for days at a time. One day she came over and I wanted to talk about the change in her contact, but before I had a chance to initiate the conversation, she cut our date short having to tend to an urgent matter. I admit, I freaked out as now she is even leaving our date early. She assured me everything is fine. She has things happening in her life and asked for patience.

With communication sparse and inability to set a future date (or unwillingness), and the lack of communication, I texted her my thoughts on it and how I can't continue with this. Four days pass, I figured it was done. Then she texts me something totally unrelated to my previous text, just the usual stuff like nothing happened. I responded like I normally would and she then started sending me nude pictures.

So, what does this mean? Does she miss me? Is there a chance at fixing this? I like her a lot, but feel disrespected by the lame excuses she has used to not set a date.


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  • I think she may have several guys lined up for sex and you are one of them. Many girls do this because they feel lonely or some other lame excuse. Just watch for these signs the next time you get in a serious relationship. Sending nudes is probably a big tip off because most people don't send them and when they do... They usually want sex or to feel sexy.

    • Ouch! I kind of suspected something may be going on as she has a high sex drive. It didn't make sense that all of the sudden seeing me less (less sex) would be something she wanted. It makes more sense there are possibly other guys in the picture. Even though she swears I am the only one.

  • It sounds like she's just using you for sex! I know a LOT of girls do this, and honestly, just cut her loose for good, because I can assure you, nothing good at all is going to result from this. You are worth more than to be strung along by someone who's only interested in your body.


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