My holiday love interest does not text me anymore. Why?

A met a guy on holiday from my nationality (don't live far away from each other ) last week. He gave me his phone number, we texted and met up with our friends at the beach and for a dance. He was very sweet and interested in me. Always tender, talkative and all that. We kissed the first two nights before we went to each others hotel room. One evening, we kissed and had sex in my room. I just could not resist although I knew it might be risky (although he told me that he wants to see me when we are back from holidays). He was very affectionate and made a lot of efforts. I didn't know what to say after but I felt fantastic. He kissed me and said that I should call him and see him soon when we`re home. On the day after he texted me (I was happy about it as it made me feel like that it was just not a one night stand. We wrote a few messages back and worth. I called him and texted him the day after but he has not replied since (3 days ago). he´s on another holiday for 2 weeks with his buddies for hiking and a bit of party and he moved houses. I felt that he genuinely liked me (my feeling said it and I felt it from the way he behaved). Don't understand why he does not contact me anymore after he came back home and went on another holiday although he did contact me after our night together. He did say that he feels good with me. What shall I think now? Perhaps he`s busy with his mates on the other holiday? My friends say that he will probably call me after his holidays... not sure what to think now.


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  • If he's hiking maybe he doesn't have any phone service. I'd give it a little more time before writing him off as a guy you slept with on vacation never to hear from again.

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