Why a guy wants a pic during chat?

Hello everyone. Been speaking to a man for a long time. (We had seen each other before) we usually chat online at nights as both of us are busy. Two weeks ago he told me that he is drinking during our chat. He wasn't drunk at all. We spoke a lot and i told him that i wanna sleep. He asked for me to send a pic beforr sleeping. Im wondering why? One of my old boyfriends wanted me to send pic as well. Please tell me why do men want pic during the chat? Thank u.


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  • So they have something to dream about afterwards...


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  • People just like to see who they are talking to. It is like talking on the phone to someone interesting but never seeing their face so you get an image in your head of what they look like. Other people may not want to talk to someone if they find them unattractive.

    IF they have seen you before and they find you attractive, then more pics the better. I can never get enough pictures of friends. :) You must be very pretty!!!

  • Sending a pic makes pure textual chatting more intimate and personal... it makes the other person feel a little bit more personal. :)

    • More personal?

    • More personal... as in intimacy of the social interaction.

      We can see who we are talking to. She is comfortable enough with me to send me a pic of her.

      Think about people online who talk but NEVER send a pic at all.

      You can't tell me that u wouldn't feel less connected to someone who talks in pure textual format that doesn't let them see a pic besides a profile pic that EVERYONE can see!

  • If they wanted a pic then he wants to visualise you and appreciate your beauty and try to make that conversation more interesting and figure your personality.

    If a nude pic - then he wants to appreciate the whole fucking beauty and jerk off like saying a good night and amazing dreams. Lol

    I guess I helped. 😉😄


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  • Well if you are attractive or even average it's probably to jack off too before he goes to bed it's more personal than fapping to a pic from the internet.


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