How soon is to soon to ask your boyfriend certain things?

Me and my boyfriend have only been dating 6 months and we are taking things slow since we are both divorce... But I. Starting to wonder about the lack of things in our relationship...


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  • I think you might need to be more specific. At 6 months, it's entirely reasonable to as about previous relationships, where this relationship feels like it's headed, if he is or isn't going to eat that last slice of pizza...

    Questions I wouldn't ask at 6 months: Will you co-sign this loan for me? What is your Social Security number, your mother's maiden name, and the name of your childhood pet? Do you think we should stop at three kids or do you want four? Am I in your will? Do these jeans make me look fat?

    • You are right I was sorta vague... I guess it chalks up to when I'm in a relationship with someone I'm
      Bet loving and I show it... Well the man I'm with is very don't want to say cold but he is very refined and I guess to just new... And I mean is it to soon to talk living together and all that?

    • That's tough to say. Some people jump into things very quickly. I'm way too cautious for something like that. Six months doesn't seem like enough time to get to know someone on that level, especially if we've been taking things slowly after getting divorced.

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  • Six months is a fair amount of time to ask each other pretty personal things. Plus being divorced you should want to know those things before you waste anymore time. I know that's how I am!!

  • what kinda things are you wanting to ask? 6 months seems like long enough to be pretty open with each other


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