I want to see this girl again but don't know how best to go about things?

I've randomly ran into her twice this summer and really have a thing for her. its odd I don't know her that well yet but I've been really impressed and want to keep seeing her someone. the first time I saw her was just at a bar when night and we meet and introduced each other , things didn't really go anywhere that night but a week later I ran into her again but at a local hotel bar and she was sitting there and I sat beside her and we hung out and talked for like half an hour , I though it went really well and I want to see her again , was really attracted to her and like her personality .

but not sure how to see her next? she told me the restaurant she works at as a server , I've been there before but not yet when she was working. however its really busy and I'm not sure she'd even be able to talk to me if she's there. the bar I saw her at , she goes to randomly and no guarantee she'd even be there. and hotel bar also kinda random although its near where she lives for summer so might run into her there. I don't have her # either so not sure what to do next I do want to see her though


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  • Oh are you the one who asked if it was a date?
    Go there when she is working and try to get her number then call her up and ask her to hang out. :P

    • yeah that was same girl I asked about , it was more of a random encounter and we have never made plans to see each other. I'm not good at asking for numbers , I should of asked when she was rate beside me looking at her phone but was more focused on talking to her in person at time and building that in person connection over trying to get her on phone at some point

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    • its really busy restaurant and a couple other girls would also be there working with her , I'm not sure I'd get same one on one time with her as I had other night

    • But you can quickly ask her number?

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  • Take a friend, a MALE friend and go to her restaurant. If she's working say hi and if she asks what are you doing here? answer with "well we were hungry and I wanted to see you so we just dropped in". If she doesn't ask that, tell her she's a hard person to get ahold of and before you leave or when you get the opportunity go up to her when she's alone and just tell her "it was great to see you again, but give me your number so we can start running into each other more often". If you go to the restaurant and she's not working ask one of the waitresses when she's got a shift, and then tell the waitress to tell this girl that you were there and to say hi on your behalf. She'll tell her regardless but if you say that you won't seem like you've been stalking her.

    Sorry the if the approaches seem a bit shabby; today's just not a good day for me to think lol. If I come up with something better ill let you know.


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