I really love her, what should I do?

So , I asked before about a girl that asked about my day and stuff like that daily but she only started the conversation twice, I had to start every other one but you guys said that she likes me, I said that we lived far away from each and that I never met her cuz she is in another country, now she became everything I think about, I can't let a day pass without knowing how is she doing , and I am afraid that my messages would become annoying or already became annoying because I message her every day, and I really don't want her to look at me as an annoying boring person , what should I do? :( I really spend 90%of my day thinking about her and I don't think that i would be able to take it anymore if she looked at me that way and do you think that I should let her know what I feel any soon?

So , I couldn't wait anymore and I told her today, she said that she Is glad that I told her how I feel about her but that she can't have a relationship with me now cuz she has some stuff going with another guy but I am still happy that she told me
Thank you all for your answers , it was really helpful to me , I really appreciate it


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  • Awwww that's romantic :) She's in another country? That's the only thing that will probably be an issue. Unless one of you plans on moving. Hey, it could work it. Got to dream big! If she's everything you want in a girlfriend/wife, tell her how you feel! Play no games. What do you have to lose? But if it's just lust, I'm sure you can find someone else local.

    • I know her for a month now but everything she told me made me love her more and more, do you think that she would think that I am taking things too fast if I told her what I feel?

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    • I'm so sorry to hear :( Well at least she was honest and not keep leading you on. You will find someone else or maybe someday she'll regret her decision. Trust me, I know this! Big hugz to you. I know it hurts :(

    • It is ok, I know that being friends won't be easy but in the same time I don't want to do something the could make her feel that I still have those feelings for her cuz I think that she would be mad if that happened and I dont really know what to do cuz I can't just stop talking to her cuz that will make her hate me and in the same I would hate myself for doing that

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