Should I keep talking to this guy or not?

I was registered at a dating website and gave talked to many guys. A few days ago someone said hi on Viber. I didn' t know who was it and he said we contacted each other long time ago on the website. He said I gave him my number. He knows my name and the city I live in. I rarely give my phone to someone online , unless I like his profile much or I think he is serious.

This guy has been polite and nice, but I cannot find his profile because he said he thinks it's off. He wants to call me and talk to me.

The issue is I don't know how he looks and he doesn't either, for I cannot see any pic.
Should I proceed or just leave it there?


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  • Actuall be very and I mean Very cautious. Im not saying he couldnt be nice but maybe its an act. If he cam out of the blue like that then maybe something up. I could be wrong but you never know. Just ask him to video chat with you (he of course also has to have a webcam if you do videochat) or ask each other for a pic through text. In any case be careful with who you meet online. Anything us possible. Better to be safe than sorry know what I mean. But if he turns out to he the guy he says it is I hipe you to pull it off ^ ^ (well that is even if you like him) Just be safe.


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