Second date - what to look for?

I went out with a girl last week, and I thought it was amazing. We hung out for a few hours, got after-dinner drinks, and we had three hot good night kisses. And while she's talked since then about how she had a great time and is looking forward to the next date, I'm still not sure how much she likes me.

We're going out again in a couple days. I definitely don't want to scare her away, so what kind of body language and hints should I look for to be sure if she's really into me or not?


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  • If she's going out with you again, there is good level of interest already. I wouldn't over think it too much. Usually for me if I'm leaning in it usually a strong indication that I'm into him.


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  • Be normal bruh, just be normal

    • +1 - don't overthink it.

    • Yeah don't over think it and do not for gods sake make a move to sleep with her. Just wait until you are ready to make the relationship gold.