Hey guys dating advice from girls on girls lol?

yeah hey i have just got back in touch with this chick and we both are interest in a relationship and each other and i suggested that maybe we try starting a relationship and she was a bit taken back by it but has said it is a bit soon what does this mean is she just letting me down easy or does this actually mean what it sounds like that it is to soon and that i should indeed wait?
what do i do wait for her or look elsewhere coz there is nothing there


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  • I'm not sure how old she is but if she is a younger girl she might not entirely know what she wants, who can blame her? I say if she is still keeping in touch with you and showing you that there is still something more, wait for her.

    • well yeah she is oh and she is 20

    • If you say she is interested in you, wait for the time where she is ready, maybe she is shy or likes to take things slow. In all honesty you "just got back in touch" from however long ago that was and maybe she just want to know to "new" you better. :)

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