Am I a boring person? Why do guys don't like to talk to me?

Okay, so a week back I downloaded this app on my Android, it was a dating app you just need to get your fb connected to it, its called Tinder! There were few guys who matched with me when i liked them, so we can chat, out of 30 matches only 6 of them talked to me till now!

After talking to all these guys for about 4 or 5 days they stopped chatting with me!

Can anyone tell me why? Give me some tips on how to keep a guys attention on me so he keeps talking to me and not get bored?

Dating sucks!


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  • First, good luck dating on Tinder. From what I've gathered, Tinder is mostly about casual sex than it is about dating. That's not to say no dating comes from it, but know what you're getting into.

    Second, I've also heard Tinder has a lot of bots and fake profiles. It's entirely possible that you've run into some of those. I don't know how many male bots there are, but there are probably some.

    Third, most people who are looking for something on a dating site aren't going to want to play text tag with someone like that. They're either going to want to meet up in person (again, probably for a hookup, not for a date) or drop you if it isn't going anywhere. Also, if a girl isn't making it obvious that she's DTF, they're likely to move on to the next one. Such is the nature of Tinder, and online dating in general.

    Fourth, dating does indeed suck.

    • Seriously I have to agree with you! One fo the guys asked for my Skype ID after sending 2 sentences to each other he!

      And if anyone mathces with me I immedialty go to Facebook and try to find their profile, lol, just to make sure I am talking to the person I am seeing in the picture.

      Yeah, I know what you mean when when they want to meet up, this guy wanted to gym to gether, but I turned him down in very indirect and polite way.

      I am tired of Tinder it kind of sucks and not really my type of site, i am thinking if I should just delete the app!

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  • You are a giver talking to takers. You simply need to find a giver... After my baptism I felt god showed me the basic foundation of all relationships... Below...

    Divine Wisdom dictates there are three kinds of relationships. The first is inhabited by two takers, short lived at best. When one or the other is done taking it is over. The second relationship is inhabited by a taker an a giver. It can go on for a very long time. The taker will take as long as the giver can give. The giver needs to be given to or they will eventually be sucked dry. This relationship is doomed to failure due to the fact it is unequally balanced. The last relationship is inhabited by two givers, HEAVEN on earth. Two people trying to out give each other. If you are not in a relationship that consists of two givers then I suggest you keep looking for the right relationship, it will save you a bunch of heart ache...

    • There is no such thing as a boring person... Only bored people, the person they are talking to has nothing to do with their boredom. That comes from within them, their expectations or the lack of fulfilling their expectations is what is boring them. No one can know everyone's expectations, so to assume you can fix you when the problem is them is flawed. I enjoy talking to you so you are not boring are you...

    • The only words I was able to grab from here is give/giver/giving...

    • Uplifting words of encouragement vs. demeaning words of discouragement..

  • I agree, dating sucks. I just want to get married witoout having to go through tha dating phase and experiencing heartbreaks. Dating is a waste of time and money.

    As for your question, after running out of topics, the conversation becomes prosaic so some guys lose interest and go on to flirting with the next girl online. One way you can try to perhaps retain attention is to text with enthusiasiam. I have experienced myself that girls who give one word/one sentence replies are an instant turn-off.

    • You are right, after talking to them it kind of gets boring, one of the guys keep messaging me, have you eaten?/ what are you doing now?/ and all the routine questions which was sooo boring. I have to give him one word anwer and it kind of made us apart.

      I am finding dating so hard, itold my mum to set me up with someone she knows, her expressionw as priceless! the next second she was on phone talking to her friends if they know any decent guy! LOL!

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  • talk dirty to him