When a girl meets a guy how do y'all decide whether y'all would consider talking to a guy beyond just a friend level like if he is dateable?

I'm trying to understand how females evaluate guys do y'all just friend zone him immediately or do you pay attention to what he says how quick until you know in your mind he is just a friend or he is relationship material


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  • Physical attraction plays a part (if we immediately find you physically attractive or not), but personality also can play a big part. Sometimes once we get to know someone 'friend' vibes can turn romantic (sometimes). It really just depends on the individual person and their behavior, and what that specific girl likes or doesn't like in general. Different girls like different things.

  • Sadly, the first thing a girl thinks when she first lays eyes on a guy is if she'd fuck him or not... If she doesn't find you physically attractive your automatically friend zoned. From there the personality takes over. Girls generally like funny guys... So try to make a girl laugh. If your not really that humorous your best bet is to sweep her off her feet

    • Also, an ugly guy can catch the interest of a girl if his personality is golden.

    • Alright but I'm confused because a lot of girls say physical attraction is a must at first glance but when I'm out I notice most guys that are in relationships with attractive girls are mostly average or below average looking in general I wonder do some girls look for specific qualities in guys and choose them by that if he doesn't meet the physical attractive criteria?

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