Rainchecks - how do you feel about them?

A few questions already in place on here but would like to know how members feel about rainchecks.

Girls when you give an ambiguous raincheck - i. e. you literally tell a guy "Can I have a raincheck", "I'll take a raincheck", "raincheck?" are you really saying I am not interested or is it a case of simply now is not a good time, approach me again later.

Guys when you received raincheck responses like the ones listed above, have you ever tried again or did you put the ball in their court? If you tried again, how often did it actually get cashed in? If you put the ball in their court how often did it actually work?


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  • Rainchecks are... pretty much never cashed in lol

    • So it's really saying, I am not interested then?

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    • Well I put the ball in her court and she never bit, but she still keeps popping up from time to time and flirting/trying to get my attention but never actually contacted me to reschedule?

    • I think you should try to reschedule. Her flirting is probably her just wanting you to make the move again on her. If she fucks it up again, then really, find someone sane.

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