First date interpretations & expectations?

when you are on a first date with a brand new person (someone you either just met or have known only a relatively short amount of time), and the first date goes seemingly well, what are your expectations from there?

Personally, (if I decide I like the guy and want to get to know him better) I will accept a second date, and just play it by ear from there ( no other expectations beyond that).

Guys, when do you consider dating a new person really 'dating' (and not just playing the field)? is it something you know/feel pretty early on or is it a more gradual thing?

I ask especially because there have been several guys I've had (overall) good first dates with, and they immediately asked me for a second date. (which I usu accepted) but I got the impression after that 2nd date they were already pretty serious, esp when they are introducing me to their pals as their gf.

is this really the norm for most guys, or have I just dated some guys that were more 'traditional' or 'eager', I guess (?)

(Even if you really like the other person and find them very attractive, you still don't really *know* them after just one or two dates...)

what do you think?


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  • 2nd date with someone you just met seems a bit early. My only expectation would only be to hopefully a second date.

    GF thing would probably be after about a month?


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