A older teen guy with a lot of 'Experience'..? and virgins?

So I guess you could classify this guy as a 'player' many girls find him attractive, therefore he's probably had at least 5 sexual partners.

Me, well I'm a huge flirt, can get pretty good looking guys, used to be afraid of commitment- so I haven't been in any serious relationships. And hence no serious relationships( I feel uncomfortable sleeping with a guy before I have with some one who's 'special') I'm a virgin.

SO THE QUESTION IS: Will he be freaked out once he finds out I'm a virgin because he's experienced? Or not want to date anymore? Or do you think guys more or less think its cool that a girls a virgin when they want to get with her?

Just thought id add, I'm not inexperienced I just haven't gone all the way yet.


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  • Why wouldn't he want to date you just because he likes you? I don't care how many sexual partners a guy has, if he's interested in having a relationship then that's what he's going to be looking for. As long as you're with him long enough for him to determine he wants to keep you around despite your sexual (or in your case nonsexual) history before giving up your purity - there isn't really anything to worry about. Don't compromise what you want just to get the guy. If all he's interested in is a piece of ass, then he isn't worth your time.

    Good luck.


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  • He'll love you. In fact, I promise he will try to get with you. He probably already knows your a virgn. This is a great experience for you, every girl your age needs to get used and her heart broken! It is too bad you girls all go for these kind of guys, but you better use it up now while you can still have no consequences! Use a condom! Because he probably won't help with child support!

    • What kind of advice is this? It's stupid. What consequences won't she have to face. Teens are just as likely to get pregnant or get an std during sex as anyone else., more likely in some cases. What's the world coming to.

    • Your one messed up guy..

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