How do I undo a bad first impression with a guy?

We're acquaintances but I like him. We had a half hour conversation together before but I was SO nervous and I kept fidgeting and not making long enough eye contact. I just wasn't being myself. I was so nervous that I couldn't really think of questions to ask him for reciprocity, so whenever he'd ask me anything I'd just answer and say, "What about you?" I didn't give very deep responses and I felt so not genuine because I was nervous...

How do I get over or fix this bad first impression? :( Guys, have you ever talked to a nervous girl, and could you tell she was just nervous?


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  • I can tell when a girl is flirty and nervous, some nervous girls talk fast and that can be obvious, others play with their hair and fidget but at least smile and make eye contact. So being nervous comes in all forms, however when someone is nervous and doesn't talk or make eye contact it would seem like you are shy/uninterested.

    You can't fix a first impression so just resolve to make a better second one; tell him you are shy and nervous but you hope it won't stop him from hanging out again. But at some point he is going to see the real you to know what he is dealing with. Most people have a short window of opportunity to impress so maybe you are lucky and you can take it slower.

    Next time ask him this question you just asked us "can you tell when a girl is nervous?"
    Be aware of your body movements (don't fidget, act calm and confident) and remind yourself to make eye contact and smile at him.

  • just try for another date


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