Should I contact her months later? Have you ever contacted someone many months after you last spoke? What should I even say?

I met this girl about a year ago and we kept in touch for maybe 4 months. We met through a friend and really hit it off but I was in a long term relationship at the time. I really liked her a lot and I know she really likes me too. She cut me off because I was in a relationship and told me to call her if I ever become single. My girlfriend and I ended up breaking up a few months ago our relationship was always really rocky. I thought me and my gf would get back together because we always break up but this time we didn't we just couldnt make it work out this time.

I sometimes still think of the other girl and think about what could have been but it's been maybe 7 or 8 months since she last talked to me. Should I contact her? Maybe she moved on and doesn't like me anymore? We both really really liked each other but i can't assume she still has feelings for me im sure she moved on rigth?


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  • she is probably waiting for you , you don't know , your single now , talk to her don't wait any longer , start with hi no one knows where it will end :)

    • thanks maybe I will do that

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    • then u have to forget about her, u did what u have to. i think u should get over it:(

    • yah I know thankx

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