Why do I feel like this? I'm just so confused?

Hello, my name is Gabriela, I'm a 20 year old girl ( almost, tomorrow is my birthday, yay!) from a small town.. I've been off to college in another city this year and now I'm in my town for the summer vacation. I haven't been on a date since, like, I don't know March... the thing is that my love life has never actually gone well... so I decided then, in March, to take a break from the whole thing, ( except in May, when I slept with my long time crush/very good friend, and we kindof don't speak now..)... I had a few flings at parties and things like that, but I took a break from properly dating, I started focusing on myself, on reading and studying and on going out with friends and just on spending time doing what I enjoy... but tonight (I'm from Eastern Europe, saying this for the timezone) I went out on date with a guy, really cute, we're on the same wavelenght and all... everything went well... But when I got home I started crying, I am still crying right now, and I just feel so sad and so angry, and so empty and I don't know why... what could be the cause?


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  • i'm no expert but maybe its because deep inside it whats you want but dont really know it yourself? And you've missed it?


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