I don't know what to do... can someone help me with what I should do?

This girl broke it off with me after we went out for a month and said she needs her space and time to work on herself cause she's just getting out of a 4 1/2 year relationship. It's been a little over a month since that's happened. She broke it off with me once last year to get back with her ex boyfriend now she's done it again but she's not back with her ex this time. The time we were together I did nothing but treat her like a girl should always be treated and was there for her non stop. Since she's broke it off we've maybe talked 3 or 4 times all times being me texting her just checking on her to see how she's doing except she text me once and she got to talking about us possibly doing stuff together but I haven't heard anything from her in 3 weeks since she said that to me. This whole situation has just frustrated me. It makes me upset every time I think about it cause I did nothing wrong for her to break it off with me but I got blamed for pushing her when all I was doing was being the friend she wanted at that point in time. She's even unfollowed me from Twitter and blocked me from snap chat. But she's still friends with me on Facebook and favorites my status' all the time. I feel she's playing games with me and has just severely messed my emotions up. I opened up to her when we were talking and told her how unlucky I was when I came to girls cause they always seem to blow me off for no reason. And she made a promise to me that she wouldn't leave me or something like that. I think about her all the time but it frustrates me cause I feels she's playing with my emotions and she's hurting me more that I supposively hurt her but pushing her into something she didn't want right now. So what do I do? If she comes around, do I give her the 3rd chance or should I just move on? Cause everyone told me she really liked me a lot when we were talking. Maybe she does just need time for her self but why block me from those social media sites? Please give me some good advice!


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  • I could understand if she had blocked you from everything if she just wanted to get you out of her mind for a while but it sounds like she doesn't know what she wants. If you give her a third chance is up to you but i would base my decision on weather or not you think you could handle being rejected again. I hope things work out one way or another. good luck


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