Why did he said "I'll give you your space and that's it"?

I've been going out with this guy for almost 3 months, at the begining we both made it clear we weren't interested in a relationship, but with time ofcourse I started to get feelings for him. For the last 2-3 weeks I've felt more insecure, and I don't know why, so almost everyday I'd tell him that if he only wanted sex, that he should be honest. So he would whatsapp me, then I'd replay and he would leave me there talking alone, but then when I left him talking alone he would get mad. On Tuesday I told him I didn't want to be an option for him and that if he wanted only sex, he should be honest, he answered "What are you talking about? I'll call you later". He never called until late on Wednesday so I didn't answer, but later I sent him a whatsapp saying "You called me, whats up?" and he answered "Nothing, good night". And I was like umm okay!. But then I kept thinkings why did he called me, after what I told him. So I sent him a whatsapp asking "What did you wanted to tell me?" and I didn't get a response, so today I sent him a whatsapp saying "I don't know why you want me hanging here for you, just focus on your other girls, because I'm tired of this." and he answered "Ok, I understand, just don't say things you don't know, and I'm too I'm just annoyed about the things you keep saying, I'll give your space and that's it"

Why did he say that? "I'll give your space"? Did he really likes me? Will he contact me again? Or will I never hear from him again? Is it expected of me to reach out to him if he gave me space, one I didn't asked for at the moment, but I'm sure I need it?

he's 31 and I'm 23


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  • Leave him.
    Look, he is being an ass, telling you he will contact you and what not. Find someone who isn't so irritating.

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