Boy likes me, mentions hanging out a lot, but is unprecise about planning a date?

So I met a guy on MeetMe precisely 4 months back. We'd been talking ever since. He's admitted he likes me, he's sent me hugs and kisses, flirted, even bought me a charger, initiated most of our Skype calls at night, and would text all day with me. Anyways, I know he may be busy. Although at times he's bought up/proposed hanging out with me sometime (several times, so I know he wants to). However, whenever I try to make plans, he's very wishy washy. When I ask "So will this weekend work?" or something, he says "Idk", "we'll see", "don't know yet", etc. Then it doesn't go through. So I don't know he seems to like me in every other way (I actually don't think he'd stick around this long if he didn't, and he wouldn't have admitted it) but I don't know when/if we're ever gonna meet. He's proposed taking me to a movie recently but is very wishy washy about when exactly he wants to do it. I'm not too good at socializing/interpreting these messages so I'm not sure what to do. Everything else he seems serious about, and this is weird. What should I do?


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  • similar thing happened to me and it turned out the other person was already in a relationship. Other than that he could be really nervous but honestly that wouldn't fully explain it. I think he's torn for some reason (another girl, not sure how he feels ect.)

    What I think you should do is cut the online interaction and tell yourself this only continues if we meet in person. Follow through with it though! Whats the point of having any kind of relationship if you can't ever see the person in person?

    good luck

    • We Kik, talk on the phone, etc. And he Kiks me a lot actually. He's mentioned meeting up but when I try to make definitive plans he gets wishy washy. So Idk. He's told me how he feels, loves talking to me everyday, has shown full interest, but just won't make definitive plans. And we talk a lot during the day too. He's supposedly even told his Mom about me. Also has asked if I thought we'd ever be in a relationship, and yeah. It's just when it comes to making definitive plans to meet up, he is wishy washy.

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  • Could be married. Have you skyped facetime or just Skype phonecall? He might be a Catfish. I'd say pin him down or leave him. Be pushy about it. "I'd like to see you, but after so much time, I feel like you're avoiding me. Could we finally meet?" Something like that.

    • Oh I know he's not a catfish. We Snapchat and talk on the phone a lot. He's even sent me a vid on Snapchat.