Do any of you watch a Japanese show called Gaki No Tsukai: No Laughing?

I have the subbed English versions of them. The show itself is a lot like a Japanese Saturday Night Live. The No Laughing punishment games, "Batsu Games", are basically a period of time (longest so far has been a full 24 hours) where the only rule is that you cannot laugh at all during the challenge, and if you do you get hit in the ass with something (This has ranged from riding crops, wooden swords, blow darts, and paddles).

The entire area they are sent to is designed to get the people to laugh as many times as possible, and the outcomes have been incredibly hilarious.

The girl I'm interested in is a big fan of comedy (who isn't), and since one of her favorite comedians is Christopher Titus I figure that if she can appreciate some of the darker humor that he talks about she would probably like the idea of the show. Does this sound like a decent idea?


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