How do u tell a guy u like that u want a relationship?

I work with him but he's in a different dept. we've kissed but never went out on a date yet due to him having a son. He always smiles at me and stares. It's a long stare too. Today he called out my name and looked at me saying my music was too loud. It's been a month but still hasn't asked me out


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  • Maybe he thinks you won't want a relationship because of his son. But don't over think it because he's probably waiting for the right time. Maybe you should casually bring up that you wanna be in a relationship, like if you guys see a couple say "Aw they're so cute, I wanna be in a relationship like that!" But I don't know im only 15

    • I think that's a good point i will just wait and see what happens.

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  • You guys haven't went out on a date yet so I think you should bring up that you want to hang out with him if he has any time.