Should I try to get back with my ex boyfriend? When should I text him again?

My boyfriend and I dated for almost 3 years and then broke up because he went away to college- and i didn't want to do a LDR. He is back now and we were catching up for a little bit 2 nights ago. I want to take it slow but do you think there is a chance of us getting back together? When should i talk to him again? I dont want to look desperate though. Any advice at all is appreciated! Thanks In Advance!!


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  • If you broke up on good terms and it was only because you didn't want a long distance relationship then there is a really good chance of getting back together as long as he's still single. I would wait a few days before talking to him again and maybe ask to go out for coffee or to do something that you used to do as a couple to remind him of your relationship and make him think about getting back together without you having to go out on a limb and possibly get rejected. if things go well wait another few days and send him another message or if you run into him stop to have a quick chat. if he messages you then make sure he knows that you do want to talk to him. (: I hope things wok out


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