Did he mean for it to be a date but changed his mind for the sake of being less awkward?

Hey, so I'm 17, haven't really been on a date.
A guy friend and I have been hanging out a lot more, only in groups. he's been texting me a lot more often and complimenting me a lot. So I got the hunch he liked me. He asked if I wanted to go to the movies and I said yeah, assuming our usual group of people was going as well. He said he'd pick me up and I assumed a bunch of people wanted to carpool, as that is a normal thing.

then he asked if it was okay as just us. Again, I didn't think much of it and said yeah. After, I realized he might've just awkwardly asked me out. I figured I wouldn't say anything unless he did. Today while hanging out with feiends they found out we were going, they wanted to see that movie too. I said they could come see it with us if they wanted. Later he asked me if it was okay that other people came, i said sure.

then later he texted me asking if i think going to the movies was a date. I said it didn't occur to me what it was until he asked if it was okay as just us. then i asked if he intended for it to be date. He said no, that he was just wondering what I thought.

opinions if he really never meant for it to be a date? did he only say that it wasn't because I offered other people to join us?


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  • He meant for it to be a date


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  • Now you have to ask him to go with you, and with you alone, to a movie, skating, hiking--anything resembling a date. And you must be prepared for rejection. He likes you, but now--well you know about the Male Ego, don't you? Of course, I am assuming that you like each other mutually beyond just friendship. If he says no on your first invitation, ask again. You will succeed if you want to. Otherwise, you can remember this event as a lesson in social skills.


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