How long does it take for a typical guy in mid 20s to cross the line between like and love?

What determines the process
When does a guy realize he won't fall in love with a girl
Or with enough time will he fall in love


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  • Love's a habit. A habit is a belief that is contemplated through experience of results reproducing uniformly with certainty or probability. The brain has to first establish nodes of neurons to store such so that this feeling becomes habitual, I'd guess the ampulla might store such emotional memories. On a more abstract level, I don't think there is such a thing as love, so the transition from like to love is rather blurred as they are just one of the same that vary in magnitude. Now, going on further with the habits, I'd say that if there are not contrary instances of the experience that produces belief, than love can happen in weeks, provided that the neurons form a node to store such. If any doubt interrupts such a belief, such feeling as love may take longer, or may not happen. But I speak of love and like as one of the same, and that it is a matter of interest, in which, without it, there cannot be any such feeling.


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